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Which Oil Is For Me?

Which Oil Is For Me?

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Kerosene, gas or diesel?

How to know which type of home heating oil you require

Unsure or confused about which oil to use? Don’t worry you’re not alone on that one!! Generally speaking there are two products used for home heating oil: Kerosene or Gas Oil (sometimes referred to as MGO, Green or Marked Diesel)


Kerosene oil has an orange based color, it burns cleanly, economically and is used in most modern boiler systems, it can be used on indoor boilers, Kerosene oil is treated with anti freeze agents giving you a winter grade oil


Gas oil

Gas oil is still used in some older heating systems to fire their oil boiler. For duty reasons Gas Oil is dyed green to differentiate it from road diesel. that’s why it is often referred to as Marked Gas Oil (MGO) or Green diesel and even 35 second oil (don’t ask!!!)


Telephone or online

It couldn’t be easier to order your home heating oil tank refill from Campus Oil. You can either use the form at the top of this page,
call us on the number above or simple email us at with your details. We’ll contact you to arrange payment and delivery. Usually, we can deliver within 24 hours except in the case of extreme weather or a force majeur.