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Kerosene or Gas Oil - Which Heating oil type is right for you?

Kerosene or Gas Oil - Which Heating oil type is right for you?

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Kerosene or Gas Oil?

How to know which home heating oil type – gas oil or kerosene, you require

Don’t worry you’re not alone on that one! Generally speaking there are two products used for home heating oil: Kerosene or Gas Oil (sometimes referred to as MGO, Green or Marked Diesel – Unnecessarily complicated, we know!). But to keep it simple, these are the two most common heating oil types.


Kerosene is the most popular type of home heating oil in Ireland and can be used in oil-fired boilers and cookers. People can get confused when trying to figure which home heating oil product they should use as most fuel products have multiple names and terms. Kerosene for example goes by a number of different aliases including Kero, Jet A1 Kerosene, Home Heating Oil, 28 second oil and Standard Kero.

Most new and modern home heating systems use Kerosene to fire their oil boiler; however you should always check your boiler or tank to see if there are any stickers to confirm this. Kerosene is exempt from Excise Duties which is one of the reasons it’s the lowest cost heating oil available.

Gas Oil

The other common heating oiul type is Gas Oil. This oil is still used in some older heating systems to fire their oil boiler. For duty reasons Gas Oil is dyed green to differentiate it from road diesel, that’s why it is often referred to as Marked Gas Oil (MGO) or Green Diesel and even 35 second oil (don’t ask!).

Gas oil is often used in home heating applications with an external burner, as well as usage in the marine industry. The popularity of Gas oil largely stems from its core attributes of clean-burning, high-efficiency and safety. Running a burner on Gas oil is a smart way to ensure that your home is kept warm all throughout the winter in a safe and cost-effective manner.

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