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Home heating oil Meath

Home heating oil Meath

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Home heating oil Meath

Kerosene – Diesel – Gas Oil – Direct to your Tank

  • HOME HEATING OIL DELIVERY THROUGHOUT COUNTY MEATH: Campus Oil holds a strong emphasis on a long lasting relationship, professional customer service coupled with dedication to go the extra mile for our customers. Our locally based drivers service County Meath by being on call 6 days a week from 8am to 8pm, all year round. You can simply order online at the top of this page to place your home heating oil fill and then leave the rest to our locally based team.
  • LOW COST HEATING OIL IN COUNTY MEATH: Campus Oil continue to provide low cost home heating oil through County Meath. Our sales team in Campus monitor the price of kerosene and gas oil on a daily basis in order to continue offering competitive rates for our heating oil in Meath as Leinster’s leading heating oil company. Our call centre is open 6 days a week, 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 1pm Saturdays.
  • HEATING OIL FOR LOCAL COMMUNITIES: Campus Oil are dedicated to ensuring that you get exactly what you ordered both in terms of heating oil purity and quantity throughout County Meath. We use calibrated meters that guarantee correct quantities of oil are dispensed throughout our delivery routes to make sure that our customers in Navan, Trim, Ashbourne and Dunboyne get their oil on time.
  • LOCAL DRIVERS IN MEATH: Our drivers based in Meath live in the county and being involved in the local communities means that they know the people and the routes better than anyone. All of our locally based drivers have a commitment in maintaining a high level of professionalism along with a friendly relationship with you the customer, at all times.

Types of Fuels in home heating oil Meath Boilers

You’re not the first nor the last to be confused here! There are two types of Home heating oil Meath boilers use – Kerosene oil and Gas Oil (often referred to as MGO, Green Diesel or Marked Diesel).

Kerosene Oil

Kerosene oil has an orange hue. It is a clean burn fuel and because it burns economically, it is used in most modern boiler systems throughout Meath. Kerosene can also be used in indoor boilers. It is treated with anti-freeze agents to provide a winter grade oil.

Gas oil

Gas oil is an older fuel that is still used in some home heating oil boilers across Meath. For customs duty reasons, Gas Oil is treated with a green dye to differentiate it from road diesel. For this reason it is often referred to as Marked Gas Oil (MGO) or Green diesel.

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Meath Home Heating Oil Delivery Areas

The following is a list of home heating oil delivery areas in Meath:

Meath county heating oil delivery areas

Navan – Ashbourne – Laytown – Bettystown – Mornington – Ratoath – Trim – Dunboyne – Kells – Duleek – Dunshaughlin – Stamullen – Enfield – Athboy – Oldcastle – Slane – Ballivor – Longwood – Kentstown

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