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Cheaper top quality central heating oil

Cheaper top quality central heating oil

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Diesel Oil and Gas Oil

Diesel Oil & Marked Gas Oil

Diesel oil goes by several different names such as, Marked Gas Oil (MGO), Gas Oil, Green Diesel, 35 Second Oil or simply Diesel Oil. Diesel oil is one of the most commonly used oils, and for good reason! Diesel is an extremely economic oil and burns cleanly. It typically costs less to use diesel than gasoline oil.

To demarcate diesel oil intended for heating versus diesel oil intended for use in motoring, a green dye is added to diesel heating oil allowing a quick visual differentiation between the two. Hence its common name of Marked Gas Oil. For this reason, diesel oil used for heating is also often called Green Oil. Due to the difference in taxes applied to oil intended for household heating and road use, it is illegal to use green diesel oil in a road vehicle.

Diesel oil is often used in home heating applications with an external burner, as well as usage in the marine industry. The popularity of diesel oil largely stems from its core attributes of clean-burning, high-efficiency and safety. Running a burner on diesel oil is a smart way to ensure that your home is kept warm all throughout the winter in a safe and cost-effective manner.

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