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Business fuel cards from campus oil

Business fuel cards from campus oil

Campus business fuel cards make sense

Campus Business Fuel Cards help your business succeed by offering an extensive range of services that ensure your business a competitive edge.

Business Fuel Card Accounting

Our business fuel cards provide your business with 24/7 account administration, giving you access to all relevant information with the simple click of a mouse. Additional advantages are numerous, such as volume allowance management, allowing you to control how often and for how much your business fuel card is used and more.

Additionally, campus Business Fuel cards provide a monthly invoice allowing your business to easily manage your business’ fuel expenses. Campus Business Fuel Cards’ regular statements offer a simple way to claim back Value Added Tax (VAT), another way in which your business can save money. Furthermore all Campus Business Fuel Cards are approved for the Government Diesel Rebate Scheme (For further information and registration instructions, please visit

Finally, you can rest assured that your accounts are secure and safe from fraud, for all Campus Business Fuel Cards utilise the same chip and pin technology that a typical modern bank card uses, and all transactions can only be completed with PIN authorisation.

So whether your business utilises a fleet of thousands, or merely just one, the advantages of Business Fuel Cards make them an obvious choice for the smartly run business.

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