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Campus Oil is one of the leading suppliers of fuels to the agricultural sector for over 30 years, we supply a full range of agricultural fuels including Gas Oil 10ppm (Low Sulphur), Gas 0il 1000ppm (High Sulphur), Kerosene, Road Diesel (DERV) and Unleaded Petrol. With Campus, fuel quality is guaranteed as all our fuels come direct from the terminal to your tractor. All our agricultural fuel complies fully with the latest Department of Agricultural standards.

Fast Delivery and Local Knowledge

Our local depot network ensures we can guarantee fast delivery times combined with strong local knowledge. You can speak directly with one of our experienced Territory Managers or our dedicated Agricultural Team based at our head office in Bray. For further details please lo-call 1850 839 839.

Agricultural Diesel: The Different Names and Terms

Numerous terms are used to describe Agricultural Diesel, which can lead to confusion. There are two types of Agricultural Diesel: Low Sulphur Gas Oil (Gas Oil 10ppm) v High Sulphur Gas Oil (Gas Oil 1000ppm). Low Sulphur Gas Oil is often called Gas Oil 10ppm or Gas10 as it has only 10 parts sulphur per million. It is specified for use in most modern engines including John Deere, Case New Holland, Argo and CAT engines. It is critical that you use Low Sulphur in these engines as High Sulphur Gas Oil (1000ppm) can damage filters and render warranties null and void.

High Sulphur Gas Oil (Gas Oil 1000ppm) was in older tractors and stationary machine including generators, heating and grain dryer systems.

Both Low Sulphur and High Sulphur Diesels are marked with a green dye in the same way as standard marked gas oil, meaning it is illegal to use as a fuel for on-road vehicles. As the products are dyed or marked, this leads to other names for the products including Marked Gas Oil, Marked Diesel, Agri Diesel or Green Diesel. The key difference is ensuring you know if you require Low Sulphur or High Sulphur Gas Oil.


Fuel Quality:
Campus supplies the highest quality products directly from the terminal.

Best Prices:
We monitor our prices daily to ensure you always get the best prices.

Campus provides best in-class flexible delivery service, trust us to delivery your fuel when you need it!

Dedicated Account Team:
Campus Oil provides a dedicated customer care team, with a Territory Manager, Primary and Secondary Contact assigned to your account meaning you can rest assured that you will always receive first class personal service.

Campus can provide top up or regular order service to meet your specific needs, meaning we can arrange a flexible delivery schedule at agreed intervals thus ensuring that you never have to worry about running out of oil. Out of hours deliveries can also be scheduled. Our extensive fleet can delivery order sizes from 500 litres to 38,000 litres.


For an express commercial quote, please complete the Express Enquiry form on the top of the page by entering your requirements and contact details. Too lazy, no problem, just call us on 1850 839 839 and we can fill in the gaps!


Most new engines including John Deere, Cat & ARGO and Case New Holland are designed to run on Sulphur Free Gas Oil (SFGO), which is also referred to as Gas 10(ppm).


Campus has over 2,000 fuel cards being used in Ireland today across 400 service stations, check out our interactive site map for further details.

A Campus fuel card offers customers flexible and low cost solutions to efficiently manage their fleets. It doesn’t matter if you’re operating a nationwide fleet or a man in a van, the Campus Fuel Card team can develop a package to suit your specific needs.

Visit our dedicated fuel card section for further details.



In support of a greener environment and as part of our Customer Service Programme, our standard procedure is to issue invoices by email in PDF format.

This service will ensure that your invoices and statements are received in a more prompt, efficient and secure manner. It also allows for both invoices and statements to be sent to more than one recipient.

If you have an account with us, and would like to sign up to this service please email us as and we can help you sign up for this service.